Mad Giant

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Mad Giant Brand

Mad Giant was founded in 2014 and lives to cheer two things.

It celebrates what it takes to achieve. A dare to conquer attitude that sees the challenge, owns the risk and says β€˜bring it on’. It applauds the Mad Giants who stand alongside you. The people who see your inner giant and raise a glass to your success and β€˜smack a smile on’ with you, through every up and down.

The Mad Giant manifesto

  • Rise above.
  • Focus on what you believe in.
  • Use your inner eye to muster the courage to do what you need to do,
  • what you believe needs to be done,
  • and nothing else.
  • That thing that will make you smile at the end of the day.
  • So that people will cheer you on,
  • as you cheer them on,
  • and laugh together as you grow into the giants
  • you will become.