KRUNK Race – Fight Club for Bikes

It’s FIGHT CLUB for bikes!

Mad Giant is proud to be a sponsor of the KRUNK Race 2018!
Krunk Racing is an urban, indoor cycling mashup where any rider can compete on any bike. Yes, that’s right: fixies, SS, downhill, MTB, road, BMX, enduro, CX, fatbike, ice-cream bike…if it’s a human-powered bike, it’s Krunk legal! Plus, the Krunk track doesn’t discriminate based on your age or sex: anyone (crazy enough) can sign up.

The Squad

Krunk Racing is all about teamwork. “Squads” of 3 riders compete over several laps of the tight, twisting track. Finish in front, and your squad climbs the rankings ladder. Finish last too often, and you’ll fall to the bottom of the scoreboard. At the end of the night, one squad will rise above all others and claim the coveted 1st place.

The Track

The Krunk track is designed to test every rider’s abilities to the max. Tight corners and narrow straights level the playing field between MTB, road and BMX. Riders will have to choose their lines carefully, taking into account their team members and the opposing squad at the same time! Three laps of the Krunk track is more than enough to separate the adults from the jellybabies.

Spectators: bring your hard hats cause this get’s crazy