Madgiant Tasting Hero

Mad Giant Tasting @ Old Johannians Club

While beer has been around for a long time (5000 years ago, workers in the city of Uruk (modern day Iraq) were paid by their employers in beer) new variants in the craft beer range keep refreshing the age old appetite for malt and hops in a glass. 

From award winning beers like the Urban Legend ( Silver Medal at SA National Beer Trophy) and the Best Beer in Africa Grand Champion 2018  Killer Hop Pale Ale ( IBD Africa Beer Trophy Awards) to our limited edition Whisky Barrel Porters and the crazy hoppy New England IPA ( NEIPA)- Jozi Carjacker, Mad Giant Microbrewery crafts exceptional beers.

We believe there is a beer for every palette and bring our range of knowledge and passionate brewers to tastings to share our excitement and passion for beer. For us, good beer  ‘smacks a smile on the face’ of  drinkers and brings people together.