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This is proper brew

Extra Fresh Beer, directly from the brewery, by the “Milkman” – serious brew!

We brew it Extra Fresh and then we deliver it Extra Fresh direct from the Mad Giant brewery, No 1 Fox St Johannesburg. We can’t wait, you can’t wait and the whole world is happy. It’s like a dream come true. It’s real brew. Pre and post lockdown and hopefully for the rest of your life Mad Giant will be delivering Extra Fresh beer to your local bottle store in Gauteng. 

Why Extra Fresh?

During lockdown, Mad Giant recognised the desperate need for Extra Fresh Beer delivered to your door. We came to this conclusion after we conducted non- scientific research among the brews who all thought that it was a killa idea. After this intensive research, which lasted about a day, we now brew the best Extra Fresh Beer we can brew and we deliver it to your favourite bottle store in Gauteng.

There is nothing like Extra Fresh Beer that literally comes of the line, is put into crates and then delivered to the fridge inside the store. You will taste the difference. Promise brew. 


Beers & Prices

  • 12 x 500ml draught EXTRA FRESH LAGER @ R21 per bottle*
  • 12 x 500ml draught EXTRA FRESH KILLER HOP* @R28 per bottle*
  • 12 x 500ml draught EXTRA FRESH IPA @R34 per bottle*
  • *Excludes deposit for crate (R25) and bottles (R7 per bottle).


If we are not in your favourite local bottle store, then click on the “Unlock My Local” button below and complete the form. Requests like this helps us massively to get into new stores.

For enquiries please contact
WhatsApp: +27 (0) 66 252 1720