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Extra Fresh Beer

Our Mission

Our mission is to get the freshest most delicious beer directly from the brewery into your hands.

Why Extra Fresh?

Beer, just like freshly baked bread, loses its freshness from the moment it is filled into the bottle. Time, temperature and sunlight are the culprits that robs a beer of it’s freshness. The majority of beers travel long distances from breweries to warm warehouses at distributors and re-distributors. Often the beers will be waiting outside in the sun and quickly lose their freshness. Beer on a warm shelf or under a hot bar counter is guaranteed to be stale and without soul.

How it works

The beer is freshly filled in draught-sized bottles, swiftly moved to a cold room to lock in freshness. Delivered directly from the brewery to the customer (no waiting in warehouses, baking in the sun, losing freshness under the bar counter), it stays cold to guarantee the Extra Fresh Beer taste.

Visit one of the selected bottle stores that stock our Extra Fresh Beers, grab an empty crate, fill it with any of our Extra Fresh beers, enjoy with friends, return the empties for a refund and repeat. 500ml Extra Fresh Lager goes for R19 excluding refundable deposit when you purchase a full crate.